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1. What is the monthly fee for curbside trash/recycle pickup?
2. What should I do if Orion misses my trash or recycle on the scheduled pickup day?
3. How do I schedule a free bulk pickup?
4. I am not sure how to dispose of a particular item, who can I contact?
5. Can my cart be picked up at my doorstep if I am not able to wheel my cart to the curb?
6. How can I file a complaint against Orion?
7. Will my trash/recycle be picked up during the holidays?
8. When is leaf pickup? Is there a limit to the number of bags?
9. Can I dispose of landscape debris in the trash container?
10. My house is vacant, however I have to keep the water on due to house showings, how can I cancel the trash?
11. I'm about to move to Rogers, what should I expect from Orion as a new resident?
12. Am I able to request a smaller bin for either my trash or recycle cart?
13. How do I request a replacement for a damaged or stolen bin?