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Blossom Way Trailhead


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The Blossom Way Trailhead is on the south side of Rogers High School on Dixieland Road. At this starting point, you can head west and catch the Razorback Greenway or head east down Price Lane and catch the trail to Veterans Park and eventually the bike park above Lake Atalanta. When Complete, this will be part of a loop that encircles Rogers.


onnects To
Heading West
l The Greens                   l Razorback Greenway
l Bellview Elementary

Heading East
l Heritage High School    l New Tech High
l Jones Elementary         l Veterans Park
l Kirksey Middle School

l Two 90-foot bridges and a 54-foot bridge each constructed from former railroad cars             

l A tree-covered section of the trail winds along the Blossom Way creek, providing a          
     picturesque setting 
and opportunities for spotting wildlife

l Bench “bump-outs” for rest area

l Twin Creeks: An 18-Hold Disc Golf Course

  • Constructed miles to date: 8.75 miles
  • Planned length: 19.7 miles
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