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Request an Inspection

    Please fill out the form to request your inspection. ALL framing, final and service inspections (gas/electric) have a 24 hr notice - so schedule accordingly. All other inspections have a 4 hr minimum notice. If you are wanting an inspection in the AM it must be submitted prior to 4:30 the day before - just as if you were calling the office to schedule. We will adjust the times if they are submitted after hours. You should receive an email from us stating that your inspection is scheduled. Please call our office with any questions (479)-621-1100.
  2. Please use the correct permit number for the type of inspection you are needing - i.e. plumbing inspection requires the plumbing permit number, etc...
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  4. All inspections are schedule a minimum of one working day in advance.
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  6. Please include specific area/floor of inspection (if applicable), codes to enter property or any other important information the inspectors will need to know.
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