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Contamination Reduction Pledge

  1. Take the Pledge and Reduce your Risk
  2. The Rogers Fire Department's Reduce Your Risk initiative was established to increase awareness of the cancer risk faced by Firefighters and promote the proactive measures that should be taken to combat this deadly, but oftentimes, avoidable occupational hazard.
  3. I pledge to reduce our risk by… Always using our SCBA, including when operating at car fires, dumpster fires, during overhaul and whenever CO is present. This is the best protection from inhalation hazards. Minimizing cross-contamination by not storing bunker gear in our car or home. Showering upon return to quarters after a working fire and prior to leaving the firehouse after our tour ends. Keeping a clean work duty uniform at home to use when training or other Department purposes, such as medicals. Removing surface contamination and washing our SCBAs and other contaminated equipment using soap and water following a working fire. Designating, maintaining and strictly enforcing a “no bunker gear zone” in all our living areas of the firehouse. Washing our bunker boots after a working fire. Firefighter boots contribute significantly to cross-contamination. Maintaining clean PPE by washing the inside liner of our helmet with soap and water, rinsing off contaminated gear on-scene following a working fire and regularly inspecting and cleaning fireground contaminated PPE. Sanitizing our hands after every response and both before and after using the bathroom. This will minimize cross-contamination to highly absorptive areas of the body. Ensuring our diesel capture exhaust systems are in proper working order and used. Practicing healthy lifestyle choices, such as exercising regularly, avoiding alcohol and tobacco products, limiting red meat intake and using sunscreen.
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