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  3. We appreciate you taking time to answer all the questions of this short survey. Your individual responses are treated as confidential, and will not become part of your personnel file. We believe that the information is of vital importance and will assist in analyzing our employee retention and turnover. You may include additional comments, as we value your feedback. If you have questions or would like an appointment, call the Human Resources office at 479-621-1117. Thank you for your time and service to the City of Rogers, Arkansas!
  4. Job Status*
  5. How many years of related work experience did you have prior to hire?*
  6. Rate your overall job satisfaction.
  7. Which of the following influenced your decision to seek employment with City of Rogers? (Mark all that apply.)
  8. Would you recommend City of Rogers to a friend as a place to work?
  9. Rate City of Rogers - PAY / SALARY
  10. Rate City of Rogers - BENEFITS PACKAGE
  11. Rate Your Department - WORKING CONDITIONS
  12. Rate Your Department - TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT
  13. Rate Your Department - JOB ASSIGNMENTS
  14. Rate Your Department - CONCERN FOR EMPLOYEE WELL-BEING
  16. How often does your supervisor demonstrate fair and equal treatment to staff?
  17. Does your supervisor regularly monitor and support staff performance?
  18. When does your supervisor request staff feedback?
  19. Is your supervisor's communication style professional and easy to understand?
  20. Does your supervisor attempt to boost staff morale and team work?
  21. Does your supervisor recognize staff contributions or achievements?
  22. Does your supervisor resolve staff complaints and grievances?
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