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No Solicitation List (No Knock List)

  1. no soliciting
  2. No-Knock List Application
    The City Clerk's office maintains a list of residents who request their address be added to the No-Knock List for door-to-door sales.
  3. Attach a copy of a state issued identification card, a current utility bill, or a current mortgage or lease agreement.
  4. Stick Request
    Each approved No Knock request receives a No Solicitation sticker. Please select one option. It will be mailed to you.
  5. No-Knock List Disclosure
    Your name and address will be added to the No-Knock List as of the request date. To remain on the No-Knock List, registration will need to be renewed every two (2) years. If registration is not renewed, the address will be removed from the No-Knock List. We cannot deny solicitors the privilege to go door-to-door, but do require them to purchase a peddler's permit and the No-Knock List for each sales person. They are required to carry both the permit and list while making sales calls. If someone knocks on your door in the future, ask if they have a current No-Knock List because you are now on it, then ask them to move on. Another option is to call the Rogers Police Department at 479-621-1172, especially if you feel threatened. For more information, please contact Rogers City Hall at 479-621-1117.
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