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Adult Wellness Center

  1. Personal Training Interest Form

    Please fill out this form if you are interested in working with a personal trainer.

Animal Services

  1. Request for City License

    Fill out to request a city license for an altered animal. You will need to upload a current or updated rabies certificate for each... More…

City Clerk

  1. Boards & Commissions Application
  2. Request for Annexation Form
  3. Street / Parking Lot Closure Request Form

    Incomplete or missing information may cause a delay in approving a closure request. After submission, this form will be electronically... More…

  1. No Solicitation List (No Knock List)

    The City Clerk's office maintains a list of residents who request their address be added to the No-Knock List for door-to-door sales.... More…

  2. Residential Garage Sale Permit

    The City of Rogers requires a citizen holding a garage sale to post the Residential Garage Sale Permit at the sale location. Each... More…

City Hall

  1. Janitorial Feedback (City Hall Facility)

    The following checklists are the janitorial cleaning requirements. Please mark below any that were not performed, performed... More…

City of Rogers Application

  1. Board & Commissions Application

    Volunteer applications for City of Rogers Board and Commission positions.

  2. Job Application
  3. Volunteer Application
  1. Exit Interview Survey

    Exit interview survey for terminated employees.

  2. New Hire Survey

    Survey for new employees less than 1 year on the job.


  1. CityView Portal Help Request/Feedback

    Use this form to request assistance with the CityView Portal, such as registration, application submittal, or other general Portal... More…

Community Development

  1. GIS Services Request

    This form is used to request work from Community Development GIS resources (including creation or printing of maps or other documents).

  2. Zoning Use Permit Application
  1. Railyard Park Public Art Project, City of Rogers Call for Artists

    Online submission form for the Railyard Park Call for Artists.

Mayor's Office Forms

  1. Proclamation Application

    Mayor Greg Hines is pleased to provide special recognition to remarkable individuals, groups and significant events in the Rogers, AR... More…