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Animal Services

  1. Adoption Application
  2. Change of Pet Status

    Change your licensed pet's status with the city.

  3. Report a found animal
  4. Submit an Animal Complaint

    A form to submit an animal complaint to Animal Control

  1. Change of Address, Phone, or Email

    Make a request to change your current address, phone number or email address

  2. Received a License Renewal or Final Notice in Error

    Let us know if you received a notice in error and why it is was in error

  3. Request for City License

    Fill out to request a city license for an altered animal. You will need to upload a current or updated rabies certificate for each... More…

City Clerk

  1. Boards & Commissions Application
  1. No-Knock List

    The City Clerk's office maintains a list of residents who request their address be added to the No-Knock List for door-to-door sales.... More…

City Hall

  1. Janitorial Feedback (City Hall Facility)

    The following checklists are the janitorial cleaning requirements. Please mark below any that were not performed, performed... More…

City of Rogers Application

  1. Exit Interview Survey

    Exit interview survey for terminated employees.

  2. New Hire Survey

    Survey for new employees less than 1 year on the job.

  1. Job Application
  2. Volunteer Application


  1. CityView Portal Help Request/Feedback

    Use this form to request assistance with the CityView Portal, such as registration, application submittal, or other general Portal... More…

Community Development

  1. GIS Services Request

    This form is used to request work from Community Development GIS resources (including creation or printing of maps or other documents).

  1. Planning Authorization for Certificate of Occupancy

Fire Department

  1. "Stop the Bleed" and "Sidewalk CPR" Class Registration
  2. Automatic External Defibrillator Registration
  3. Contamination Reduction Pledge
  4. Dispatch CAD Emails
  5. ESO Issues
  6. Fire Equipment Failure
  7. Fire Report Request
  8. Form 95 (Internal Travel / Training Request Form) Risk Reduction

    Internal travel and/or training request form that in accordance with SOP111.

  9. Multi-Lead Medic Class Registration (June 24, 2019)

    12 Lead ECG Interpretation Workshop 8 am - 5 pm A nationally acclaimed course adopted by the Critical Care Paramedic Course curriculum... More…

  10. Report a Fire Code Violation
  11. Report an Illegal Burn
  12. Request Patient Disposition Report
  13. Rogers Fire Department Quarterly Training Standards

    Utilize the following form to submit completion of Quarterly EMS or Minimum Company Standards.

  14. Smoke Alarm Request
  15. Station Problems & Failures
  16. Uniform Order Form - Jackets
  17. Uniform Order Form - Pants / Shorts
  1. Apparatus Failure
  2. Burn Permit Form
  3. Customer Survey
  4. EMS Equipment Failure
  5. Event Request
  6. Fire Protection Report Portal
  7. Form 95 (Internal Travel / Training Request Form)

    Internal travel and/or training request form that in accordance with SOP111.

  8. Inappropriate Acuity or Problematic Call Issues
  9. Open Trench Permit Request
  10. Report a Warning Siren Malfunction
  11. Report Arson
  12. Rogers Fire Department Internal and External Training Summary

    Online 101 form

  13. Shift Time Exchange Request
  14. SOT Equipment Failure
  15. Uniform Order Form - Boots
  16. Uniform Order Form - Miscellaneous
  17. Uniform Order Form - Shirts

Mayor's Office Forms

  1. Proclamation Application

    Mayor Greg Hines is pleased to provide special recognition to remarkable individuals, groups and significant events in the Rogers, AR... More…