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Turtle Creek Trailhead


Turtle Creek Trail Map

General Information

The Turtle Creek Trail is one of the city’s core trail sections.  It aligns with tributaries of Turtle Creek and the creek itself, providing connections to the Cambridge Trail, the Blossom Way Trail, Lake Atalanta Trail, and the Northern Loop that eventually takes you to downtown Rogers.

Connects To

The Turtle Creek trail winds through a number of residential areas of town providing vital walking and biking connections between the city’s parks and trails, including
l Blossom Way Trailhead
l Cambridge Trailhead
l Lake Atalanta Trailhead


l Full-court basketball court with bleachers       l Restrooms
l Playground                                                      l Sand volleyball courts
  • Constructed miles to date: 3.44 miles
  • Planned  trail length: 8.86 miles

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