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Mercy Trailhead


  1. Bike Repair Station
  2. Doggie Station
  3. Parking
  4. Rain Garden
  5. Restrooms
  6. Stream
  7. Trail Head
General Information
Behind Mercy Medical Center, you'll find this trailhead along the Razorback Greenway.  This trail winds though beautiful rain gardens that feature interactive ecological displays of landscape features designed for preservation of soils, trees, and other vegetation and acts as protection of the Illinois River Watershed. 


onnects To
Heading South
l  Bellview Elementary School  l Restrooms
l Lowell trail system               l   The Greens                                       

Heading North
l Bentonville trail system        l Northern Loop 
l Horsebarn Trailhead             l  Pinnacle Hills Promenade shopping and dining             

l Bike Fix-It station      l Restrooms
l Rain Garden              l Open field space for un-programmed play with soccer nets

  • 3.4 miles in length. 

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