How do I retrieve my stored firearm?

For Found and/or Held for Safekeeping Property you will need a Driver’s License or some kind of identification to confirm identity if you are the rightful owner; Contacting our direct number first to make an appointment is highly recommended in the event you commute here and we are not here at that time; If you are a family/friend of the rightful owner and are trying to pick up property for them, we must have a notarized letter from them authorizing you to pick up their property. We do have to confirm they can be in possession of a firearm prior to releasing any firearm.

For any property we seized as Evidence that pertains to an investigation, authorization/communication must be obtained from the assigned investigator before we can release your property back to you OR if somebody has been charged/arrested and the case is going through District or Circuit Court you must contact your attorney to file for a motion to return seized property that must be directed through the Prosecutors Office before we can release that type of property.

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