Do you have discount offers?

Yes! We have 10-punch discount splash passes offering a 20% discount off the regular purchase price. Splash passes are not specific to an individual.  Also, our twilight admission from 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. (Mon - Sat) at $10 above 48" and $6 under 48". "Like" us on Facebook for great deals throughout the season!

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1. Do you have discount offers?
2. I have small children, can they wear inflatable flotation like water wings?
3. Can I bring food or drink into the park?
4. What are the height requirements for the slides?
5. Do you offer group discounts?
6. Can I wear street clothes to swim?
7. Do you require swim diapers?
8. Do you have concessions inside the park?
9. Do I still have to pay if I'm only going to watch someone and not swim?
10. What if it rains while I'm in the park?
11. May I smoke or use smokeless tobacco in the park?
12. If I leave the park can I re-enter?
13. Do you have locker rooms/changing facilities?
14. Do you have lifeguards on duty?
15. Do you accept credit cards?
16. Do you have a retail store?