When do I need a permit?

New construction of buildings or structures Alterations, repairs, remodels or additions to buildings or structures Changes in the use of occupancy (if applicable) Storm shelters, decks and covered patios Storage buildings and carports Swimming pools Fences over 7ft. Demolition - interior work or of complete buildings or structures (Must have asbestos testing on commercial property) Plumbing, electrical and mechanical work Moving of building or structure

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1. When is a permit not required?
2. When do I need a permit?
3. Where do I get a permit?
4. What do I need to submit to get a residential building permit?
5. What is a site plan?
6. What work can I do myself as a homeowner/property owner?
7. How much does a Certificate of Occupancy cost?
8. Do you issue permits outside the city limits?
9. How do I locate my property lines?
10. How long is a permit valid?
11. What is the number to call to have your lines marked before you start digging?
12. When and how do I schedule an inspection?
13. Can I start work without a permit?