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August 8, 2023 12:01 PM

Alert Center: Rainouts and Cancellations System User Update

Your subscription needs to be renewed in order to continue to receive Parks and Rec text/email notifications!

Rogers Parks and Recreation Department would like to inform you of some changes to our “NotifyMe” text and email alert system. The “NotifyMe” notification system will only allow a limited number of people to sign up to receive text message notifications. Once that number is reached, text message notifications will not be available; however, you may still sign up for email notifications, because there is not a “cap” on the number of people that can receive email messages.

You will need to go to www.rogersar.gov in order to subscribe to the list to receive rainout and cancellation texts/emails for youth/adult sports and activities. The subscriber list will be deleted each July and December, in order to keep our subscriber list up-to-date and delete those not utilizing the system.

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