Women's Self Defense Course (SHARP)

A FREE class offered at the Rogers Police Department

Sexual Harassment And Rape Prevention

SHARP is a research based women’s self-defense course. Training material is kept simple so it is easy to learn, easy to retain, and easy to use. SHARP is focused on increasing awareness of threatening behaviors, avoiding dangerous situations when possible, and providing defensive skills in case avoidance fails.

SHARP is not a martial arts course. The SHARP course gives women the principles and concepts that will help to reduce the likelihood of sexual assault and increases a woman’s chances for survival should a confrontation become unavoidable.

The techniques are easy to learn and easy to use and remember. That makes them perfect for beginners with little or no self-defense or martial arts experience.

Physical participation is required. It is recommended that participants wear casual street clothes with no jewelry.

Topics covered includes:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Passive Assault
  • Active Assault
  • Controlling Physical Harassment in the workplace
  • Situational Awareness
  • Reality of Violence
  • Prevention Psychology
  • Avoidance Techniques

SHARP will give you:

  • CONFIDENCE through knowledge of yourself and those who may harm you
  • UNDERSTANDING of high stress situations and how they affect you physically and mentally
  • SKILLS to avoid and counter both passive and active assaults
  • EMPOWERMENT to confront those who would try to intimidate you

For more information contact:

Officer Keith Foster


Email Keith Foster