Equalizer - Women's Self Defense Program 

A FREE class offered at the Rogers Police Department

Every year, millions of people are victims of violence, usually
at the hands of someone they know. Everyone should know how
to recognize and reduce their risk of becoming a victim and how
to effectively resist a physical attack, if necessary. Everyone should be “Prepared in Advance”.
The Equalizer Women’s Self-defense Program gives women
important information concerning violence against women and
how to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations. This
program also gives women the tools they need to survive and
escape physically violent situations.
The first step you must take to be prepared in advance is to
educate yourself about personal safety and residential security
issues. In doing so, you will learn how to recognize and reduce the
risk of becoming a victim of violence.
Your next step may be to make the decision that you are going
to resist a violent attack. If so, quality self-defense training is what
you need now.
Equalizer Women’s Self-defense Program (EWSP) is a division of SSGT Defensive Tactics for law enforcement. This program educates women about how to recognize and reduce their risk of being  victimized by violent crime and property crime and how to defend against, survive and escape a physical attack. Many of the self-defense techniques of the EWSP are derived from our highly successful law enforcement self-defense program. The techniques of SSGT are currently being taught to thousands of officers in various states and have been responsible for saving officers from severe injury and death in the line of duty. Our techniques have been proven to work when it counts.

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