Comments or Complaints

We believe that protecting the City of Rogers is a shared responsibility between the community members and the Rogers Police Department. We are committed to providing outstanding service and need your input to tell us when our service meets, exceeds, or does not meet your expectations.

Often, our officers go beyond the call of duty to help others. To recognize outstanding service by a Rogers Police Department employee please stop by or call our office, fill out a brochure, or complete our online form.

If your concern is with police misconduct, you may notify us in the same manner. If you stop by the station, a supervisor or Internal Affairs Investigator will listen to your concerns and assist you. Concerns or misconduct are often based on misunderstandings of the law and established law enforcement procedures. Your concerns are of great interest to us, as they can lead to mistrust of law enforcement if they are not thoroughly investigated or explained.

Will my comment concerning police misconduct be investigated?
Yes. We take seriously the trust the community places in us and to maintain that trust we vigorously investigate all allegations.

Will I know the outcome of my concern?
Yes. The Chief of Police or one of his staff members will contact you with the outcome generally in writing within 45 days.

May I remain anonymous?
Yes. Although names tend to further legitimize a concern, we will accept an anonymous comment and will process each to its fullest extent.

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