Little Kicksters

Program Director:  Cesar Aguilar (631.0336 ext. 2502)                                                                                                Email Cesar


ELIGIBILITY:  Children must turn 4 (four) by July 31, 2020.         

PROGRAM INFORMATION:  This is an instructional class that will focus on introducing children to the basic concepts and skills that are needed in the game of soccer.  The class will have training instructors that will organize and conduct the training sessions.  Parents may be asked to help facilitate the learning experience by assisting the training instructors.  The main objective of this program is to foster the development of the children’s interest in soccer so they will want to pursue the sport the following season.

FEE:  $45 (RAC Membership Required)

REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  September 11, 2020
TRAINING SESSIONS BEGIN:  September 19, 2020 (5 weeks)

TRAINING SESSIONS:  Saturdays from 9:00am-10:00am at Foerster Park  field #4                        
UNIFORM:  All players will be provided a soccer ball and shirt at the end of season.

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Training Field Map