Adult Spring Softball

Program Director:  David Stone 

(631.0336 ext. 2511)
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Approved Softballs For Rogers League

All softballs used in the Rogers league must be NSA 44 cor, 400 compression or NSA 52 cor, 275 compression or have the words "Official Softball" or "ICON" under the NSA stamp. All softballs must be optic yellow, and must display an NSA stamp.

NSA Softballs Rogers (2023)

Approved Softball Bats For Rogers League:  
All softball bats used in the Rogers league must carry the NSA 2012 logo.  Senior Bats are NOT ALLOWED to be used in the Rogers Adult Softball League.   

NSA Approved Bat Logo

Program Description: Slow-pitch leagues that play under National Softball Association rules with some additional league rules. The following leagues are offered: Men's Open, Men's Industrial, Men's Church, and Coed Open. If numbers allow, within each league there are different divisions based on skill level.

Registration Date:  February 1 - March 1, 2023 
(Roster and Entry Fee due) 
 *Due to limited game field availability, the number of teams and divisions will be limited to the following: 

Day Of WeekLeagueNumber Of Teams 
MondayMen Open14 teams
TuesdayMen Industrial10 teams
TuesdayMen Church5 teams
TuesdayCoed Open14 teams
WednesdayMen Open18 teams
WednesdayCoed Open9 teams
ThursdayMen Church5 teams
ThursdayCoed Open9 teams

*Registration will be taken until the number of teams is reached for that particular day of the week.  After a particular day of the week is full, teams will have to register for another day that still has available openings.  The league director will review team registrations for each night and division to ensure a team has not signed up for a night or division that will create a competitive disadvantage for that team or the other teams in that division.  The league director may have to move teams from one night to another night or from one division to another division based on past win/loss records and current player roster. 

Days Divisions Play: 

  • Men's Open: Monday or Wednesday 
  • Men's Industrial: Tuesday (only 2 non-employees on  roster) 
  • Men's Church: Tuesday or Thursday 
  • Coed Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday

Entry Fee:

  • Men's Open ($600 per team)
  • Men's Industrial ($600 per team)
  • Men's Church ($500 per team)
  • Coed Open ($500 per team)

($20 late fee after registration deadline if openings are available) 

To register a team:  The team roster must be submitted on the Adult Sports Roster
Teams must turn in their roster and entry fee at the same time to the front desk of the Rogers Activity Center (315 West Olive Street).  I can’t accept your roster until after the front desk receives it and they register your team in the computer and give you a receipt.

Season Description: League games will begin the week of April 3.  Each team will usually play a double-header (6:00pm and 7:00pm or 8:00pm and 9:00pm) one night a week at the Rogers Regional Sports Park (located at corner of Dixieland and Highway 102).

Awards:  First and Second place teams in each division will receive T-shirts (Champions or Runner-up).

Slow-pitch umpires are needed to work adult leagues. Umpires will be paid $30-$35 per game. Umpires must be at least 21 years old to be employed. For more information, call David Stone at 631-0336 ext. 2511 or e-mail: [email protected] 

corekeepers are needed to work adult leagues. Scorekeepers will be paid $15 per game. Scorekeepers must be at least 16 years old to be employed. For more information, call David Stone at 631-0336 ext. 2511 or e-mail: [email protected]