Hazardous Materials Training

Hazardous materials' training is allotted 4 hours per quarter to meet the requirements of the Arkansas Department of Emergency

Management. Additionally, the third quarter will allow for 8 hours. This will allow the department to meet the annual re-certification / refresher requirements. The established training topics will ensure department personnel meet or exceed the requirements imposed by ADEM as well as ensure all personnel have the knowledge and skills to operate a hazardous materials emergency at the technician level.

Hazardous Materials IQ

Objectives will include the skills necessary to make decisions during the first few minutes of an incident to include proper PPE, hazard identification, and correct monitoring equipment.


Objectives will include the establishment of the decontamination corridor, types of decontamination, and methods of decontamination including dry decontamination.

Hazardous Materials Refresher

Objectives will include technician level skills necessary to meet the requirements of ADEM as necessary for the annual refresher process and those topics not covered in the ATP.

Hazardous Materials Safe Operating Procedures / Practices

Objectives will include the standing fire ground orders utilized by the Rogers Fire Department as well as the duties and responsibilities of personnel serving in each capacity.