Special Operations

Special Operations Badge

Team Organization

The Rogers Fire Department's Special Operations Team is responsible for a coordinated response to hazardous materials, high/low angle rescue, confined space rescue, water rescue, and collapse rescue incidents.

The team is staffed as a task force, comprised of members specializing in technical rescue and hazardous materials.

Components of the Special Operations Team are housed at Stations 1, 2, and 5. Crew members are assigned each day to Rescue 2 and Ladder 5 according to department policy. Members assigned to this team receive additional compensation for their knowledge and skill.

Special Operations Team Roster

 A Shift:

  • Captain Adam Frederking
  • Captain Andy Meeker
  • Captain Tyler Steele
  • Captain Jason Villines
  • Captain Omar Carrillo
  • FEO Keith Fuller
  • FEO Cheyenne Ireland
  • FEO Ramsey Emerson
  • FEO Darian Neitzel
  • FEO Jonathan Ponthieux
  • FEO Brian Thoma
  • FF Emily Hartegan

B Shift:

  • Captain Josh Chapman
  • Captain Chase Sutherlan
  • Captain David Williams
  • Captain Brian Bevis
  • Captain Matt Conroy
  • Captain Nathan Meeks
  • FEO Richard Hayden
  • FEO Bradley Neugent
  • FEO Josh Reeves
  • FEO Brandon Welch
  • FEO Jacob Sams 
  • Paramedic Eric Martin

 C Shift:

  • Captain Dennis Thurman
  • Captain Rob Starek
  • Captain Darrell Whitlow
  • FEO Zach Oldebeken
  • FEO Cody Gripe
  • FEO Jonathan Nance
  • FEO Adam Blake
  • FEO Kari Crump
  • FEO Britton Madrid
  • Paramedic Wesley Partin
  • Paramedic Schuyler Brennan
  • Paramedic Lawrence Ertolacci
  • FF Matt James
  • FF Trent Larsen
  • FF Matthew Tolliver

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Primary Disciplines

The Special Operations Team is supervised by the Deputy Chief of Special Operations and Training, Jeremy Hoyer. There are two primary disciplines handled by the team; hazardous materials and technical rescue.