Company Standards Training


Fire-related topics are addressed as formal training sessions aimed at increasing the overall ability of department personnel. These established topics will be in addition to the determined Company Performance Standards (CPS) conducted by all company officers for their respective crews on a quarterly basis. CPS will continue to focus on the Rogers Fire Department big 5; Ladders, SCBA, Firefighter Survival, Fire Training, and 1410 Evolutions. The goal is to practice each of the big five on a quarterly basis, to perform them as in a real situation, and take the necessary steps to master the performance of each crew member. The Annual Training Plan will allow adequate time in each month for implementation of new equipment or standard operating procedures and the addition of any new techniques or methods that may be introduced to department personnel.

Rapid Intervention Operations

Objectives to include the operations of RIT teams, advanced safety and survival, proactive RIT operations and building preparation including softening of the structure and preparation.

Fire Behavior

Objectives for this training session include the basic principles of fire chemistry, the process of fire combustion, and fire behavior. This will also be applied in practical applications.

High-Rise Operations

Objectives to include the operation at high rise structures, ICS, and specific job task assignment and the fundamental responsibilities during advanced high-rise operations.

Truck / Engine Company Operations

This will be a standing yearly topic with objectives to include job-specific duties of truck and engine companies, coordinated fire attack, and basic strategy and tactics.

Large Area Search

Objectives include search and rescue involving large areas expanding to commercial structures and utilizing techniques involving search ropes and thermal imaging cameras.


Objectives will include positive pressure attack, positive pressure ventilation.