ARFF Training


The Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Team (ARFF) shall have members of the team receive completed ARFF training and be stationed at Fire Station 3.

Selection Information

Team selection is based on multiple factors.

  • Current ARFF certification
  • Previous ARFF experience
  • Interest in position
  • Recommendation of the ARFF Coordinator
  • Selected team members shall be required to:
  • Have/obtain ARFF certification
  • Maintain a superior working knowledge of the Rogers Municipal Airport, its aircraft, and facilities
  • Attend two coordination and training meetings each year


Training for the ARFF team will be scheduled on a biannual basis as required by SOP 603 Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Team Organization. The ARFF Coordinator will schedule these meetings. Instructors are designated by the ARFF Coordinator from the team members, outside entities, or Subject Matter Experts..

ARFF minimum training standards are designed to validate competency in ARFF required skills, as well as identify opportunities for training or deficiencies that need to be addressed at the individual level as well as the department level. This process will also ensure that all training is documented to meet the required training knowledge and skills in two key areas.

  • NFPA 405: Standard for Recurring Proficiency of Airport Fire Fighters
  • NFPA 1003: Standard for Airport Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications