Advanced Firefighter Training


Additional training such as night drills and spontaneous evolutions will be scheduled throughout the course of the year to increase the capabilities of the organization and to further meet the requirements necessary of an all hazards department aspiring to be an established authority, nationally recognized in every risk-related discipline. The use of acquired structures for department training will continue to be a primary focus as the realism provided by these structures proves to be an invaluable aspect of the Rogers Fire Department training program.

Additional Classes

Rogers Fire Department realizes that additional training classes may be required throughout the year for individual needs for promotional purposes, specialized disciplines, and simply the professional development of personnel. Throughout the course of the year, classes will be offered for certification, advanced and specialty training and training that will development Rogers Fire Department personnel. These classes will be provided to personnel through the 2011 personnel Development Calendar. Certification classes will continue to be hosted by Rogers Fire Department in 2011.