James R. Welch Recycling Center

The City of Rogers is dedicated to keeping our city clean and sustainable. The City of Rogers offers two options for recycling. Curbside recycling, handled by LRS, and a 24 hour drop off facility. The RRC partners with other facilities around the county to keep recyclable or hazardous material out of our landfills and keep our city beautiful for future generations.

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Recycling Know where is goes

At the James R. Welch Recycling Center, we offer free, self-service recycling drop off to the public. The recycling drop off is always open. If you need information or assistance, please stop by during our hours of operation. Please clean your material before dropping it off, and please leave shredded paper in bags.
Acceptable materials include: 

  • #1 and 2 Plastic Bottles
  • Metal Can
  • Cardboard and Chipboard
  • Clean White Styrofoam
  • Glass Bottles
  • Magazines and Newspaper
  • Office Paper and Junk Mail
Non-Acceptable materials include: 
  • Any other Plastic Including Bags
  • Soda or Beer Boxes 
  • Aluminum or Tin Foil or Pie Plates
  • Egg Carton, To-Go Food Containers, Foam Cups

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