False Alarm Ordinance

Ordinance Number 26-51 False Alarm Ordinance - Whenever police department personnel respond to an activated alarm system, the police official in charge of the incident shall determine if the response was caused by a false alarm and shall indicate that fact upon the incident report.

The police department shall regularly review incident reports to monitor the accumulation of false alarms at any one location. When two fake alarms have occurred at the same location within one year, the police department shall notify the alarm user by letter, citing the location and date of each false alarm.

The letter shall recommend that appropriate action be taken on the part of the alarm user to alleviate the causes of false alarms and shall include a statement that an accumulation of more than three false alarms within a year shall result in a charge for services. Another similar letter shall be sent when three false alarms have occurred at the same location within the year. Any "false alarms", to which the department responds, after the third false alarm in a one year period will result in civil penalties.