Police Recruiting

Behind the Badge: Meet Our Officers


The Rogers Police Department is always accepting applications for all positions, but may not have a position open at the time of application. Your application will be kept on file for 6 months for consideration if a position becomes available. You may apply for the following positions anytime. However, there may not be a position currently available:

  • Evidence Technician
  • Janitorial Staff
  • Police Officer
  • Police Service Representatives
  • Prisoner Transport Officer (PTO)
  • Radio Dispatcher

Training is provided for all positions, although previous experience is preferable. View current employment opportunities.

Hiring Incentives

The starting pay as of July 1, 2022 for officer is $20.63 per hour / $44,890.88 per year- includes holiday pay) for police officers, applicants for sworn officer positions can earn extra pay incentives for education, experience, and language skills. 

  • 3% increase above base for Associate Degree
  • 6% increase above base for Bachelor’s Degree
  • 5% increase above base for language skills deemed to have a positive impact on our ability to communicate with the minority community
  • $300 for every full year of prior law enforcement experience 

Application Process

You may pick up an application for employment (PDF) online or at the front reception desk Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Return your application to the same and it will be reviewed. The Rogers Police Department conducts a thorough background investigation on all employees, both civilian and sworn. During consideration of your application you will be subject to such terms and conditions as stated on the application regarding your background history.

Standards for Employment

 Minimum standards for employment as Police Officer are:

  1. Be a citizen of the United States
  2. Be at least 21 years of age
  3. Be fingerprinted and a search initiated of state and national fingerprint files to disclose any criminal record
  4. Be free of a felony record - A felony record shall mean having entered a plea of guilty, been found guilty, or otherwise having been convicted of an offense, the punishment for which could have been imprisonment in a federal penitentiary or a state penitentiary. The fact that an individual has received a pardon or their record has been expunged shall not release the individual from having a felony record for the purposes of this regulation
  5. Be of good character as determined by a thorough background investigation
  6. Be a high school graduate or have passed the General Education Development (GED) Test indicating high school graduation level
  7. Be examined by a licensed physician
  8. Be interviewed personally prior to employment by the department head or his representative, or representatives to determine such things as the applicant’s motivation, appearance, demeanor, attitude, and ability to communicate
  9. Be examined by an individual licensed to practice psychiatry or psychology and qualified to perform such evaluations in the State of Arkansas, who after examination finds the officer to be competent and recommends the agency hire the individual
  10. Possess a valid driver’s license