Citizen’s Police Academy


Class will meet on Monday's from 6pm-8pm. 

Deadline to apply is September 1, 2023. 

The Citizen’s Police Academy is a community serving project, which seeks to involve all concerned citizens in the safety and welfare of their community. Together, we can create a coalition of citizens and police working together to make the City of Rogers an even safer place to live and work.

Providing a Knowledge of Police Operations

The academy is designed to foster a better understanding and improve communication between citizens and police through knowledge. The intent of the academy is to provide a real working knowledge of police operations instead of what is displayed in the media. Citizens of Rogers are given an opportunity to increase their understanding of how police officers are trained, the skills required, and the daily responsibilities involved in serving the community.

The department will have an opportunity to gain insight into how citizens feel about their police department and, in doing so will be provided with an effective way to better serve and address the concerns of the residents.


Participants are taught the basics of criminal law, patrol tactics, firearms familiarity, and many other related subjects. They will learn about the processing of a crime scene, conduct a ride-along with an officer, and watch a K-9 demonstration. All of this takes place in a safe and entertaining training environment.

The objective of the academy is not to make police officers out of the graduates, but rather to make them better informed citizens, with an accurate knowledge of our many responsibilities and functions. Participants will meet for approximately 2 hours once a week for 10 weeks. There will be a graduation ceremony honoring our participants upon the completion of the academy. There is no cost to attend to academy.

Get Involved

We would like to encourage interested citizens to please submit your Citizen's Police Academy Application soon as the class has limited seating. Applicants must have no criminal convictions within the last 3 years and must be at least 21 years of age. Applications are available online or at the Rogers Police Department and can be submitted by mail, fax, or hand delivered to the records department. If you desire additional information, please contact the Public Information Officer at 479-986-3635.

View the online application.