Rogers Central Dispatch

Welcome to the Rogers 911 Center. Our 911 center handles radio traffic for police, fire and EMS Units, and all incoming 911 and non-emergency calls for the residents and visitors to the City of Rogers


The center is staffed by 1 communications coordinator, 3 supervisors, and 18 dispatchers. Dispatch is an integral part of emergency services for the city. Our dispatch center has state-of-the-art equipment and is operated by a minimum of 3 dispatchers per shift.


Each workstation actively uses multiple monitors, computers a radio console, 911 telephones, and administrative telephones. We monitor 7 different radio frequencies.

From our center we can monitor all areas of the police station that are accessible to the public. We have upgraded our weather monitoring system that provides up-to-date 24-hour weather conditions on a 52-inch screen.


Smart911 is our newest tool. It lets families of individuals to enter information online that is displayed to the 911 dispatcher. The service enables citizens to be proactive, providing critical data before an emergency so that the 911 dispatcher has it during an emergency. The information is only shared with the City of Rogers police, fire and EMS, and only when the individuals dial 911. To input your information, go to Smart 911.