Code of Ordinances

The Rogers Code of Ordinances is a comprehensive publication that identifies our local laws, procedures, administrative responsibilities, franchise agreements, the duties of all City Boards and Commissions, and much more. Ordinances and amendments are official documents that the City’s legislative body, the City Council, have passed into law and are locally enforced. Local ordinances may not override or usurp state or federal laws. 

Ordinances that are codified:
  • Amendments to a codified ordinance
  • A new ordinance that is permanent
  • A new ordinance that is regulated
  • A new ordinance that is enforceable by local laws.
Ordinances that are not codified:
  • An ordinance that is temporary in nature
  • Vendor contracts
  • Budget adoptions or amendments

Recently Adopted Ordinances

Ordinances passed, but not yet codified can be found at Library Code of Ordinances

Other Ordinances which have passed but are not subject to codification:

Ordinance No. 21-34 - An Ordinance Establishing the Entertainment District; Establishing Standards for the Railyard Entertainment District 

Ordinance No. 22-09 - An Ordinance Amending the Boundaries of the Railyard Entertainment District

Ordinance No. 23-01 - An Ordinance Establishing An Entertainment District To Be Known As the Bellview Entertainment District; Establishing the Standards for the Bellview Entertainment District ; Amending the Regulations of the Railyard Entertainment District