Burnham Block

Burnham Block
122 and 124 S First

This building was known as the largest and best business house in Rogers when it was built in 1896. A.J. Burnham had a hardware store on the first floor. In the early 1900s, the building also housed the post office.

In 1905, the First National Bank opened with a fireproof vault, new woodwork and furniture, and golden oak and bronze used throughout to make a very pleasing appearance. Upstairs was the home of many physicians, realtors, and accountants. In the mid 1900s the upstairs was a rooming house.

In 1939, Martin’s Liquor Store was located in 124 West Walnut, followed by Croxdale and Sons IGA Grocery in the 1940s and 1950s. From 1935 until the 1950s, 122 West Walnut was the home of the City Meat Market. Children knew there was always a free piece of bubble gum available from owners Otis or Red Reddick.

Pictured top right: The Burnham Block about 1910, courtesy of the Rogers Historical Museum. Pictured bottom right: Grand opening of Croxdale’s Grocery in the 1940s, courtesy of Tom Jones and Gary Townzen.

Burnham Block Circa 1910
Grand Opening of Croxdale's Grocery