Rogers Wholesale Grocery

Rogers Wholesale Grocery
101 E Walnut

This building was built in 1907 for Rogers Wholesale Grocery. It was designed by noted Rogers’ architect, A.O. Clark, and built by local contractor, John Mylar. The exterior was red pressed brick, with limestone headers, and the interior featured two large pyramid-shaped industrial skylights. The building was designed to allow the merchandise to be unloaded from the train cars on the east side and transferred to wagons on the loading dock on the west side of the building. This building was built on land owned by the railroad and leased to Rogers Wholesale Grocery.

Rogers Light and Water was also located in this building until the new city hall was built in 1929. Rogers Wholesale Grocery was here until 1934, when it became Griffin Wholesale Grocery. Griffin’s was here until 1966. From 1966-1976, the Outlet Salvage owned by Troy Miller operated here.

In 1976, Jack Parker renovated the building and opened Dollar Saver, a variety store. In 1982, Jack’s sons, Bruce and Brent Parker, bought the business and it is still flourishing today in 2013.

Pictured top right: The Rogers Wholesale Grocery in 1907, courtesy of the Rogers Historical Museum. Pictured bottom right: Driving a new Ford tractor for a 1950 parade in front of the Griffin Grocery Company, courtesy of Sam Wood.

Rogers Wholesale Grocery in 1907
Tractor in a 1950 Parade