Juhre Buildings (206 W. Walnut)

Juhre Building
206 W Walnut

In 1909 John Myler, a brick mason, built a brick building at this location for Charles W Juhre. It was leased to J.C. McSpadden who operated the McSpadden Grocery Store. The grocery store was bought in 1925 by a larger chain and was called the Quality Grocery Store until 1929. The manager was Oscar Juhre.

By 1943, this was the location of the Rogers Theater. The theater had a seating capacity of over 400, and the movies were $0.20 for adults and $0.10 for children. It operated in competition with the Victory Theater, which was located around the corner. In 1961-1962 Clarence Cagle had his House of Music store here. From 1964-1968, Dean and Doye Bull owned and operated the McDonald’s Ready- to- Wear.

After a series of short-lived businesses and vacancies, Barry and Brenda Hester bought the building in 1994 and renovated it into the beautiful home of Golden’s Designer Jewelry and Gun Engraving. Barry Golden was the first native Arkansan to become a Certified Master Bench Jeweler by Jewelers of America.

Pictured to the right: The Juhre Block and the Juhre Building to its west in 1920, courtesy of Barry Golden Hester.

The Juhre Block and the Juhre Building to Its West in 1920