Juhre Block (204 W. Walnut)

Juhre Block
204 W Walnut

In 1900, Charles Juhre bought the building and opened his meat market. Over the meat market in 1904, Charles Bingham had his photography studio.

In 1943, the meat market was gone forever, and the storefront became the home of Superior Cleaners. In 1955, it was Smith’s Paint Store, 1961 Ellis Home Appliance, 1966 McDonald’s store, by 1968 Studio Four, and in 1975 the Children’s Shop.

In July 2006, it was the home of the Classical Ballet Academy and had an apartment upstairs. Since 2011, it has been the home of BMC Bike Shop

Pictured to the right: The Juhre Block in the early 1900s, courtesy of Barry Golden Hester.

Juhre Block in the Early 1900s