Post Office

Post Office
120 W Poplar

In 1909 on this site was the Fred I. Edgar wood yard boasting 5,000 square feet of stacked wood. In 1913, congress provided $70,000 for land and construction of a new post office building. The post office was built on the site at 120 West Poplar and completed in 1919.

Rogers continued to grow and an even larger post office was needed. A new building was erected on West Walnut in 1963. The vacated building at 120 West Poplar was renovated, thanks in part to over $100,000 donated by the Hough-Kimble Foundation, and became the Rogers-Hough Memorial Library. When the library moved to its present location in 1993 the building was again renovated and became the Education Annex of the Rogers Historical Museum.

Pictured top right: The Rogers Post Office in 1919, courtesy of the Rogers Historical Museum. Pictured bottom right: The old hitching rails with rings to tie horses to, courtesy of James Hales.

Rogers Post Office
Old Hitching Rails