Animal Shelter

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COVID Update

The City of Rogers has lifted the mask ordinance and this means that we all can get back to normal. We have looked forward to this moment for a while now, however there will be some changes that we have made that will be long term. Feel free to call, (479)621-1197, if you have any questions about the following changes.

1. We will still do all of our adoptions by appointment only. This has been a very positive policy for the shelter, the staff, the animals, and our customers. This allows us to give each customer more personalized attention and help them find the right cat or dog that will fit into their family. We will schedule a minimum of two appointments every half hour to ensure that we can accommodate the needs of every potential adopter. Call us to schedule an appointment. We promise that you’ll be able to make it in to view the animals.

2. If you find a stray animal we will advise you to stay put and we will pick the animal up so that an ACO can investigate the area and get that animal back home where it belongs. If you find a stray animal call us right away. Over the last year this policy has been instrumental in our ability to reunite lost pets with their families.

3. We will begin to allow volunteers to come back to the shelter. Call (479)621-1197, if you would like to make an appointment to volunteer with the Animal Shelter.

Animal Shelter News

A Big Thank You! 

Since 2018 Rogers Animal Services has maintained a 100% Lives Saved Rate. We are able to accomplish this by practicing a progressive form of Animal Control that is focused on stray animals making it back home to their family. This has led to almost half of the animals that were impounded at the shelter making it back to their homes and their families. We also have a robust adoption program that will find a loving home for each homeless dog or cat that resides here at the Rogers Animal Shelter. The biggest reason for our success can be found in our wonderful residents that live here in the City of Rogers and the surrounding communities. Thank you for your tremendous support and endless compassion! We will be working hard to maintain that level of success and to continue to improve the lives of our four legged friends for many years to come.

Social Media

Social Media has proven to be a wonderful tool for showcasing some of our animals here at the shelter and reuniting lost pets back with their owners. We also like to use it for highlighting upcoming adoption and special events. We do our very best to keep up with it. We ask, however, that if you need assistance from animal control or if you have a question that needs a timely response then do not send a message to us on Facebook. Please call us directly at 479-621-1197. We can respond more quickly and with a better level of service.