Loan Materials

Loan materials are programs packed in a box for educators to use in their classroom. In addition to the prepared lesson, each box contains primary source documents and/or historical objects or reproduction items. Each box is free for use by the educator.

Unless otherwise noted, objects are provided for students to handle and observe with adult supervision and can be used as an exhibit for the classroom.

At this time, our boxes are not available for check out.

Loan Materials

Discovery Boxes

Discovery Boxes (PDF) are designed for 2nd through 6th grade. They are available on a first-come-first-served basis and should be reserved in advance; they may be checked out for up to 2 weeks at a time.

A to Z in the Ozark

The A to Z in the Ozark (PDF) program is a series designed to enrich basic learning in the classroom, especially for K-2nd and ESL classes. Each of the 26 history lessons can stand alone or be used together. In addition, the lessons and activities often cross the boundaries of other curriculum such as math, science, and language arts. They can be used to supplement phonics programs, and are designed to be used by the teacher.

Contact Ashley Sayers if you are interested in reserving any of these boxes for your classroom.