Special Exhibits

To Do the Laundry

January - March 28th

Have you heard the terms Blue Monday or Sad Tuesday and wondered where they came from? Come learn about the tradition of washing laundry on Mondays and what changes came to this household chore by the invention of the electric washing machine and dryer.

A Victorian Wedding

March 7 - May 2

Weddings in early 1900s Rogers were an intimate occasion and often took place in the home.

You are invited to attend this guided wedding tour through the historic Hawkins House as a guest into the past. Enjoy a glimpse into a Victorian home making preparations for this special event and learn what nineteenth-century wedding traditions continued to influence the twentieth-century bride.

Reflections of the Black Experience

February 29 - March 31

An art exhibit, curated by Kinya Christian, reflective of the African diaspora to modern Black experience in America with works by various local artists and parts of the "1619 Project" by the New York Times Magazine.