Station Tours / Special Events

Please use the online form below to schedule station tours and request us to standby for special events. Please be aware that fire stations are open to the public for tour anytime during normal business hours, but it is best to schedule an appointment when you have a large group. You should receive conformation of appointment within three business days after request is made.


Listed below are the types of events that we attend:

  • Block Parties
  • Civic Groups
  • Life Learning Organization Events (Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts)
  • Safety Fairs
  • School Events

Types of events that we do not attend:

  • Birthday parties (station tours are acceptable)
  • Events that do not allow public interaction
  • Store sales
  • Store events

Fire Department Event Request Form

Station tours, school visits, and/or other type of events must be scheduled at least two to three weeks in advance. Please make sure you choose a date and time you would like to have representatives from the fire department show up. Fill out the Event Request form now.

Please be aware of the following:

  • All fire stations may have to respond to an emergency, because they are on-call status during the station tour or event. Therefore if an emergency is reported the tour or event may be ended early to respond to emergency calls.
  • If the crew is not at the station when you arrive, please wait, they may be back within 10 to 20 minutes. If after 20 minutes, you can call 479-621-1111 to check the status of the crew.
  • If representatives from the Fire Department are scheduled to come to your location and they do not arrive on time, or at all, it is due to call volume. As soon as time allows a representative will contact you. They will proceed to the event or reschedule if you desire.

The Rogers Fire Department will do all we can to honor your request.