Command Staff

Providing Direction, Oversight, & Control

The command staff is comprised of members who have the rank of battalion chief and above. These officers are responsible for providing direction, oversight, and control of the entire fire department organization, including ambulance operations.

In addition, the fire department also provides significant oversight and coordination for the city's disaster and emergency operations functions.

Command Staff Photo - 2020


The command staff of the fire department is comprised of:

Duties & Responsibilities

The normal duties and responsibilities of the fire chief and command staff include:

  • Ambulance program administration
  • Annual budgeting and purchase control
  • Command and control of major incidents
  • Customer service, media releases, and community interaction
  • Health and wellness program administration
  • Labor relations, personnel management, and supervision, and employee evaluation and discipline
  • Operating policies and procedures
  • Reporting of incidents, emergency medical data collection, and record management
  • Strategic planning training
  • Travel approval