Therapy Pool

Pain Relief & Increased Mobility

The 33,000-gallon warm water therapy pool is kept at a body neutral temperature of at least 90 degrees. The positive benefits of pain relief and increased mobility when exercising in warm water are obvious and sometimes immediate.

Classes & Amenities

We offer a variety of classes including the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program that include an additional charge. Open swim times are also available in the therapy pool for those that do not wish to have an instructor led class. Webbed gloves, noodles, flotation belts, kick boards, and water weights are available for member use. The therapy pool also offers two handicap accessible self-powered lifts.

Additional Information

Check out the pool schedules (PDF) for open swim times or class times, and view the Therapy Pool Descriptions (PDF) to learn more about the classes and associated fees. For more information, please call 479-631-3333.