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Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can happen to anyone, at any time. Our partnership with PulsePoint Respond empowers CPR-trained Rogers’ residents to help save lives by administering CPR and locating and utilizing an AED (automated external defibrillator) during a cardiac emergency.

If you have advanced medical training (are CPR and AED certified) and would be comfortable responding to situations that involve medical intervention, you can sign up to become a PulsePoint Registered Responder. Similar to the PulsePoint Public CPR Responder, but with the added ability to respond to cardiac events in private or residential locations, not just public settings. Registered Responders are vetted and verified responders for the city of Rogers.


Public CPR Responders are typically community members trained in CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) use and willing to assist if an incident occurs near them. These community first responders are only notified of nearby cardiac arrest events occurring in public places. To promote daily app usefulness and encourage program participation, these users are shown a filtered list of emergencies occurring in the community and offered notifications of public interest events such as traffic collisions and wildland fires.


Registered CPR Responders are invited members of the community with medical or rescue training, such as public safety retirees, CERT members, doctors, nurses, and residential security staff or residents with special neighborhood responsibilities. These community first responders are alerted to all nearby cardiac arrest events in the jurisdiction, including private residences. With nearly 70% of cardiac arrest events occurring in the home, this difference is significant. Like Public CPR Responders, these users are shown a filtered list of emergencies occurring in the community.

If you are chosen as a PulsePoint Registered Responder you can also opt-in to receive an AED, free for one year. At the conclusion of that year, you can choose to return the AED to the Rogers Fire Department (RFD) or purchase the AED at a significantly discounted rate.

Complete the sign-up form below and you will be contacted with more information and to receive a CPR and AED refresher course from RFD at no charge.

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