Hiring Process

Recruits at attention

Minimum Qualifications

- Valid Driver's License

- High School Diploma or GED

- Current CPAT Card

- Current- EMT Certification or Proof of Enrollment 

Steps to Apply

1. Submit an application

2. Submit copies of your Valid Drivers License, EMT License, Current CPR card, Current CPAT Card, and HS Diploma or GED to [email protected]

3. Complete your NTN Exam (valid for 1 year)

4. Complete your Candidate Physical Ability Test if not already completed or current (valid for 1 year)


Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certification

Rogers Firefighters are required to obtain and maintain a State of Arkansas EMT Certification. You have multiple options in order to obtain your certification but here are some common choices. Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC), School of EMS, RC Health Services Health Academy

**Rogers Fire Department does not endorse nor recommend any college, university, or testing center **

Firefighter I & Firefighter II Certification

Firefighter candidates are not required to have Firefighter I & II certification. 


If selected for an interview, you will first interview with a panel of Civil Service Members. After meeting with the Civil Service Members you will interview with the department's Battalion Chiefs (or designees). 

If an offer of employment is made to the candidate, a subsequent medical examination, along with a drug screen, will take place.

You can also download this informational packet if you'd like to read more about the Rogers Fire Department and what it takes to get hired. If you have any questions during this process call Taylor Castro at 479-986-6801.