Domestic Violence Coordinator

The Domestic Violence Coordinator conducts follow-up investigations on all domestic violence cases the Rogers Police Department receives. The Coordinator speaks with the victims of these cases and explains the resources in the area available to them with a goal of ensuring victim safety and educating them about their options. This position allows victims to stay in contact with one officer who is familiar with their case and their situation.

The Domestic Violence Coordinator’s activities include follow-up investigations on active cases, conducting interviews, obtaining warrants, making arrests, and working with the Prosecutor’s Office. The Coordinator attends training in related fields to improve their level of performance and filter training to other officers in the department. The Coordinator works closely with the Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter (NWAWS) in an effort to improve community and victim relations. The Domestic Violence Coordinator hosts an Advocate from the NWAWS every Tuesday from 1-4 p.m. to provide counseling or assistance to victim’s of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence Coordinator
Officer Jennifer Johncox
Hours: Monday-Friday 8-4