Accreditation Manager

The Accreditation Manager is responsible to oversee the accreditation process with the goal of the department continuing to merit the CALEA award. This oversight includes, but is not limited to, performing analytic and administrative work focused on planning and coordination. It also includes training of employees, administrative reviews and, if necessary, revisions of policies and practices to insure compliance with CALEA standards.

The Rogers Police Department has been a CALEA accredited agency since 2010 and is proud to be the first public safety department in the city to be accredited. It is also proud to be numbered among the top 4% of all law enforcement agencies in the country to receive the accreditation award.

To achieve and retain accreditation, each operational component of the department must comply with stringent CALEA standards throughout the accreditation period. Accreditation is a voluntary process that formalizes operational and management procedures and creates both transparency and accountability of operations.

Law Enforcement Accreditation