Learn to Swim Program

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Levels Offered: 

Level 1:

 (Recommended Ages 3-6)
Introduction to Water Skills - Focus on front and back buoyancy, bubble blowing, face in water, mechanics of kicking, intro to basic strokes, safety/survival skills, self-empowerment. No goggles/ masks allowed. 

Level 2:

 (Recommended Ages 5-8)
Fundamental Water Skills - Focus on eyes open and retrieve submerged objects, unassisted front and back floating, refine kicking and introduction to Front Crawl (Freestyle) and Backstroke and rhythmic breathing, safety skills. No goggles/masks allowed. 

Level 3:

 (Recommended Ages 6-9)
Stroke Development - Focus on treading water, Front Crawl (Freestyle) and Competition Backstroke, Intro to Breast Stroke and Butterfly, feet-first/head-first entry into water. Increased swimming yardage. Goggles may be used. 

Session Dates:

June 13- 23rd


Cost for Level 1 through Level 3 Programs: 

The cost is $75 per 2 week session per child.