Recycling Education

Throughout the month of April, the City of Rogers is focusing on recycling education and proper waste management in the City.  With a new video series, free paper shredding day,  T-Shirt give aways, and volunteer opportunities, city staff is hoping to cut down on contamination in the curbside recycling program and increase awareness. 

‘Recycling has vastly changed over the past several years, and many people aren’t sure what is acceptable to be recycled. On average, the City’s contaminated recycling is at 25%.  This month we hope to bring that number down by educating folks on why it’s important to follow the rules when recycling, and why it recycling the wrong way is actually more harmful than just not participating at all,’  said Ben Cline, public relations manager for the City. 

Citizens can learn new facts about recycling and wastewater treatment in the city through the ‘Green Minute’ video series, and get chances to win T-Shirts on Social media. 

On April 24th, the City will offer a free paper shredding event for citizens. Residents, with proof of residency may bring up to three banker-sized boxes of office waste to be disposed. No plastic or CD’s will be accepted. The shred day event will take place at City Hall, 301 W. Chestnut Street in Downtown Rogers. 

 Look at the content below to learn: 

1. What goes in you curbside recycling cart. 

2. What can go to the Rogers Recycling Center 

3. Much, much more! 

What goes in your Curbside Cart: 

1. #1 & #2 Plastics that are bottle shaped. This means that the item has a neck on it, usually with a lid. 

2. Aluminum Cans or Tin Cans. They must be clean and dry! 

3. Paper Products. Newspapers, looseleaf paper, etc.! 

4. Cardboard/Chipboard. Cereal Boxes, Delivery Boxes, other cardboard items. Wax cardboard cannot be recycled. Wax cardboard will have a film on it, usually to protect it from water damage, you can feel this coating on the outside of the item.

recycling chart