Public Hearing Items

Have a question about a public hearing sign posted on a property?  This table shows currently posted signs. Contact the Planning Division at 479-621-1186 or [email protected] for details.

Ref Location Type Current Zoning Requested Zoning Description  
Meeting Details
1 ±0.45 acres at 300 E. Pine St.  RZN R-DP NBT To rezone from R-DP (Residential Duplex Patio Home) to the NBT (Neighborhood Transition) zoning district.     7/5/2022 Planning Commission
2 ±0.67 acres at 415 N. Dixieland Rd.  RZN R-O U-COM To rezone from R-O (Residential Office) to the U-COM (Uptown Commercial Mixed Use) zoning district   7/5/2022 Planning Commission
3 ±23.61 acres at 2211 S. Rainbow Rd.  RZN A-1 R-SF To rezone from A-1 (Agricultural) to the R-SF (Residential Single Family) zoning district   7/5/2022 Planning Commission
4 ±2.06 acres on the SW corner of S. 43rd St. & W. Pleasant Grove Rd.  RZN NR NR w/DCP To rezone from NR (Neighborhood Residential) to the NR (Neighborhood Residential) with a Density Concept Plan.    7/5/2022 Planning Commission