CityView Portal Registration

This guide will assist you in the step-by-step registration process, showing how to create an account on the City of Rogers CityView portal.  You must register in order to apply for permits. 

Download this guide (PDF)

General Information

Email.  The email address you setup during the registration process is used to complete your registration.  You will receive an email with directions on how to complete setting up your account.

Required fields.  Red asterisks (*) indicate required fields.  If you skip one of these fields, the system prompts you to enter the required information.

Idle Time.  If your computer has been idle for more than twenty (20) minutes, the system will log you out.  Before logging you out you will get a reminder that your system is about to be logged out of CityView.


Click on the link to the City of Rogers CityView Portal: Permitting Rogers Link

  1. Register link:  To register, click on Register as shown below.

CityView Portal Home Page with

2.  Create an Account:

a.  In the Email Address box enter your business email address.
b. In the Password box enter your password.
c. In the Confirm Password box enter your password again to confirm.
d. Click on Next Step: Enter Contact Information to move to the next step of the process.

Note:  Red asterisks (*) indicate required fields.  The system will not advance to the next step unless all required information is entered.

Portal Registration page with

3.  Associate Account with existing Contractor or Business license.

a.  If the account you are creating should be associated with an existing contractor or business license, click Yes, otherwise click No to proceed to the next step.  


b.  Enter the license number and click Search.  A dialog box will confirm the license with which to associate the account.

contractor_license_searchc. If the email address associated with the contractor or business matches the email address with which you are registering on the portal you will receive the following screen:


d.  Click the Register as this Licensee to proceed.

Note:  If the target contractor or business license does not have an associated email contact you will not be able to associate the new account with the license.   Contact the Portal Team via the Portal Help link for assistance.

Note:  Only one email can be associated with a business license.

4.  Enter Contact Information.  If the account being registered is not associated with a contractor or business license enter the contact information

a.  In the Name box, type the individual’s name (First name and Last name).
b. In the Preferred Contact Method drop-down list box select Email.
c. In the Street Address box, type your company’s mailing address.
d. In the Additional Address Information box, type any additional information that helps to complete your mailing address.
e. In the City/State/Zip box type the requested information.
f. In the Contact Number(s) type at least one contact number.
g. Click on Next Step: Complete Registration button to move to the next step of the process.

Portal New Contact Information page with

5.  Registration Complete

The registration process is complete.  Within the next 30 minutes a confirmation email will arrive from [email protected]

Click on the hyperlink contained in the body of the email to activate your account.

Portal Registration Complete page

After account activation you can return to the portal home page ( and log in with your username and password.