Community Development

The Department of Community Development is comprised of the Engineering and Planning Divisions. These divisions work together to guide and manage the growth and development of the City of Rogers.



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The Engineering Division, under the strategic guidance of the Transportation Committee and City Council, and the administrative leadership of the Mayor, efficiently executes the transportation, storm water, and other major engineering functions for the City of Rogers. We provide safe and efficient, complete and multimodal, environment- and context-sensitive transportation solutions. We devise and execute storm water management and treatment solutions that support growth while protecting the environment, and responsibly enhance our quality of life for generations to come. Our projects are objectively warranted, minimally disruptive, and executed with the highest standards of transparency and fiscal responsibility.

The Planning Division, under the strategic guidance of the Planning Commission and the administrative leadership of the Mayor, provides the City of Rogers with efficient comprehensive planning services to enhance the quality of life of the City’s residents, businesses, and visitors. Our goal is to create the best conditions for excellent design, poly-centricity, balanced integration of the built and natural environment, livability, and prosperity. Excellent planning results in sustainability, resilience, the flexibility to evolve favorably over time, and the protection of land values. We provide the entire community with personal attention, accurate and detailed information, and timely responses in a manner that is reasoned and predictable, instills public trust and confidence, and exceeds service expectations.