Annexation Information

Landowners wishing to be annexed into the City of Rogers should begin by reading this important information.

Staff Considerations of Annexation Requests:

1. Is the land use pattern consistent with the Comprehensive Growth Map's Guiding Principles?

2. Can the transportation network support development of the annexed land?

3. Is land available for greenfield and/or infill development within current city limits?

4. Is there adequate access to schools, emergency services, parks, and commercial services?

5. What is the fiscal impact of public service expenses compared to tax revenue generated?

6. Would the annexation crowd out productive agricultural land or natural resources?

Requirements for Annexation Consideration:

1. Subject property must be contiguous to the city limits

2. Provide a completed Request for Annexation Form 

3. Provide an accurate legal description of the property (from a recent survey or the last recorded deed)

Submit the Request for Annexation Form and legal description of the property to:

By Mail or In Person: City of Rogers- City Clerk
301 W. Chestnut Street
Rogers, AR 72756

Email City Clerk

By Email:Once your application is received, the City Clerk's office will begin the review process. Your application information will first be provided to the Community Development Department for initial review and report. Once this is completed, your application will be routed to the various city departments for review and considerations. The Annexation Packet, which includes the application, supporting documentation, and departmental reviews will then be forwarded to the Legal Department for review and inclusion on the City Council Agenda if applicable. This process could take several months to complete. 

There are 4 different types of Landowner initiated annexations. You may click on each method for the applicable state laws. 

1. Petition Method (A.C.A § 14-40-601 et seq.)

2. Annexation by 100 % Petition (A.C.A § 14-40-609)

3. Consolidation (A.C.A § 14-40-1201 et seq.)

4. Annexation into Adjoining Municipality (Municipal Services) (14-40-2002)