Mayor's Youth Academy

Mayor's Youth Academy Logo
Goals of the Mayor's Youth Academy

Who can Apply?

High school juniors and seniors that live within the City of Rogers or attend a high school located in Rogers.

Who is Chosen?

The Mayor's Youth Academy committee will select 12-15 students. Applicants are selected based on their level of demonstrated interest in public service, government, academic achievement, and willingness to learn.

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2019 Application 

Mayor's Youth Academy Time Commitment

2019-2020 Schedule

 4:30-7:00 PM  

· Tuesday, October 8, 2019                     
​Welcome at City Hall

​· Wednesday, October 16, 2019
​Rogers Water Utilities

· Wednesday, November 13, 2019                  
​Community Development Department 

 · Wednesday, December 11, 2019           
​Rogers Parks and Recreation

· Wednesday, January 8, 2020                   
​Finance Department 

· Thursday, February 20, 2020                     
​Rogers District Court & Legal Department

· Wednesday, March 11, 2020                   
​Rogers Police Department

· Wednesday, April 8, 2020                 
​Rogers Fire Department      

· Wednesday, April 28, 2020                             
​Council Meeting / Completion Date